About Us

ConnectCoduvec provides connections between consumers who are searching online for services and products, and the companies which supply or deliver those services and products. Codubvec services works in both B2B and B2C.

We collect, sort and deliver phone calls as they are being made by buyers and deliver them to our clients, who are sellers of the products and services being sought. All this takes place in real time and maintains the buyer’s intention to find what they are looking for allowing them to continue on to make a purchase decision based on the information the seller (our clients) gives to them while on the sales call.

Our system delivers telephone sales calls seamlessly to our clients at the instant the caller makes the call. Our systems are completely adaptable to any service offering or product type where consumers search online for them.

Codubvec delivers telephone sales calls to our clients automatically, where the buyer initiates the call as a result of finding one of our active web properties and online publications which harness search engine marketing, social media, email marketing, online advertising, video marketing and content publishing.

Codubvec is part of Anndan Media’s marketing mechanisms which results in our clients being at the receiving end of our sales funnels resulting in numerous new telephone sales enquiries to their sales teams.

We have carefully and systematically designed our online marketing system so our client’s campaigns actually generate value – sales leads – faster and more efficiently than other well-known platforms and competing systems. Our systems are hands free for our clients leaving them to get on with growing their business while we take care of the online marketing.

If you want to drive more sales phone calls to you sales team then you can contact our sales team and account managers here.